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Don't hang up yet: Pay phones are still a fixture in U.S. culture

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Customers entering Telephone Bar and Grill in Manhattan on Thursday, April 16, 2009. (Photo by Candy Cheng/CNS)

phone booth uws.jpg

One of four remaining outdoor phone booths in Manhattan is on the corner of West 90th Street and West End Avenue. (Photo by Candy Cheng/CNS)


Rick Avilla, 50, a construction worker, calling his wife at a phone booth on the corner of West 90th Street and West End Avenue in Manhattan. (Photo by Candy Cheng/CNS)


A phone booth with a rotary dial at a bar in Park Slope, Brooklyn. (Photo by Candy Cheng/CNS)

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The pay phones and phone booths that are around today offer more than just a dial tone. Some restaurants are using them as decorations to attract customers. Others are still used by college students in a competition that dates back to the 1950s. One famous phone booth has even gone to Hollywood.