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Would you walk 26.2 miles in their shoes?

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Chester Kalb, 63, shows his awards after finishing the Mt. Rushmore Marathon. (Photo courtesy of Chester Kalb)


Marathon walker Yolanda Holder, 51, crosses the finish line after the Little Rock Marathon, March 15, 2009. (Photo courtesy of Yolanda Holder)


Maryann Ramirez, 48, sets her personal best of 5:44 at the Desert Classic Marathon on Jan. 31, 2009, in Phoenix. (Photo from Maryann Ramirez)


The start of the 10th annual San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. (Photo courtesy of David Cruz)

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You don't have to be a runner to compete in a marathon. Many walkers are now going the distance. And they have the blisters to show for it.