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For people who literally pull their hair out, there's help

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Kylee Loughran, 15, is one of many teenagers growing up with trichotillomania. (Photo courtesy of Kylee Loughran)


Christina Pearson founded the Trichotillomania Learning Center to help trich sufferers. (Photo from Christina Pearson)


Noelani Jai finally found the courage to tell her husband she suffered from trichotillomania. (Photo courtesy of Noelani Jai)


Reverend Noelani Jai runs HEART, a support group for teenagers with trich in Southern California. (Photo Courtesy of Noelani Jai)

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Some people can't stop pulling their out their hair. Literally. They suffer from a rare disorder that gets little public attention. Experts and hair pullers will meet in Boston in early May to share their research and experiences with this difficult affliction.