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Thrift stores have got that in green


Time was when people bought clothes at thrift shops to save money. Or to get that perfect 1940s suit. Now shoppers also do it to save the environment. Recycling garments has become the latest green trend.

Your handle, yourself: On the Internet, no more reason to hide


A shift from online anonymity to transparency reflects a growing desire to be oneself online.

Would you walk 26.2 miles in their shoes?


You don't have to be a runner to compete in a marathon. Many walkers are now going the distance. And they have the blisters to show for it.

Prof finally gets around to new theory of procrastination


Can one be productive and a procrastinator? A Stanford University professor says yes, you can, with “structured procrastination,” an approach that promises to transform procrastinators into “effective human beings.”

Farmers sell corn, soy, rye ... carbon?

Home Farm 05e.jpg

Carbon is a new cash crop for traditional farmers, who are realizing that they can make money and be environmentally conscious at the same time. Selling carbon offsets may not yet amount to much money for farmers, but if President Barack Obama implements a cap-and-trade system to control emissions as he recently suggested on Earth Day, the future financial payoff could be larger.

Don't hang up yet: Pay phones are still a fixture in U.S. culture


The pay phones and phone booths that are around today offer more than just a dial tone. Some restaurants are using them as decorations to attract customers. Others are still used by college students in a competition that dates back to the 1950s. One famous phone booth has even gone to Hollywood.

'And then, you get down on one knee ...'

032_Nikki_Riley_Engagement (1).jpg

Forget the Jumbotron and skywriting; wedding proposal planners help men take their proposals from pathetic to perfect.

No city for country fans


What does a guy have to do to hear a country song around here? If you're in New York City, which has no country music station, you need to find like-minded pardners.

Jewelry that’s (almost) good enough to eat

2822517497_11a30ca7d4_o pancake meow.jpg

There’s nothing more satisfying than eating a rich and creamy cupcake. But a close second may be wearing one. With intricate designs, super-realism and even scents that remind you of the real thing, jewelry in the shape of cupcakes, pies and other desserts is one of fashion’s latest and quirkiest trends.

How many teams consider 'Sweet Caroline' their song? Too many.


For years, Red Sox fans joyfully belted out “Sweet Caroline” in celebration of their team. Now everybody’s singing the same song. Whose anthem is it, anyway?

Pillows and mp3 players in hand, some turn cities into playgrounds


Impromptu mp3 dance parties and giant pillow fights on the streets are sprouting up in cities and, with help from social media, this urban playground movement is going viral. But some fear too much success might spoil the fun.

Can Americans just be happy on May 6? Janice Hathy hopes so.

Janice Hathy created the Great American Grump Out holiday in 2002 in hopes of getting people to smile more and stress less. In the midst of an economic crisis though, will people really want to be told to stop being grumpy as they deal with serious problems every day?

Keeping your pet through the recession


Animal shelters are swollen with “recession pets,” given up because of layoffs, foreclosures and forced moves. Here are a few cost-cutting tips on how to keep your furry friend during the economic storm.

Gay tourists are the objects of affection


In recent months, gays and lesbians have been the target of aggressive marketing campaigns by states, cities and towns not usually associated with the gay community. That’s because many travel industry veterans think that gay tourists may be more immune to the recession.

Wearing the hair of the dog

Great Pyr.JPG

Some may think that wearing a deceased pet is creepy. But in an age when people are cloning, freeze-drying and buying velvet-lined caskets for their four-legged friends, dog and cat hair sweaters aren’t the most peculiar memorials. Animal lovers across the country are collecting the hair their pets shed and turning it into knitwear that evokes their cuddly companions.

Twitter enters an age of brute-force marketing


Even before Ashton Kutcher earned the bragging rights to beating CNN in the race to reach 1 million Twitter followers, the frenzy to capture more followers inspired a cadre of Internet-marketing strategists and Web developers who sell “brute force” techniques to Twitter users looking to exponentially expand their following.

The latest states' rights battle is for tourists

Daily Grind.jpg

Rocked by the recession, many states are facing record budget deficits. But several are shelling out record amounts to advertise--themselves. When it comes to wooing tourists to the Rust Belt, you have to spend money to make money.

Love me, love my iTunes (Meat Loaf and all)


Our music libraries have long provided significant others with clues about our personalities. Today, though, thanks to iTunes—and its “top 25 most played” list, "last played" feature, and customized playlists—we can enjoy a level of insight into significant others’ lives that we wouldn't otherwise have. For better or worse.

When the office is a coffee shop, it’s a different buzz


Despite its reputation for $4 luxury Frappuccinos, Starbucks (and its Wi-Fi-providing cousins) is actually more crowded today than before the crash, thanks to a growing legion of laid-off workers who are turning to coffee cafes as makeshift office space.

For people who literally pull their hair out, there's help


Some people can't stop pulling their out their hair. Literally. They suffer from a rare disorder that gets little public attention. Experts and hair pullers will meet in Boston in early May to share their research and experiences with this difficult affliction.

On the Chinatown bus, you get what you pay for: Almost nothing.


As airfare and train ticket prices remain high in the heavily-traveled Northeast Corridor, cash-strapped passengers are turning to the Chinatown bus to travel for cheap. Once the engine revs up, however, they're being reminded why the stopped riding buses in the first place.

Mom, put down my 'Twilight' book!


Marketed to teens, “Twilight,” a vampire romance series, has touched a nerve in adult women, who turn to the vampire saga for a healthy dose of fantasy.

Dear Reader: Letter writing is dead. Love, Jake.

Has the long-form, well-thought-out personal letter disappeared?

Monday's child has my name; Tuesday's has yours

family 2.jpg

In an attempt to pass down each sides' family name, some couples are going the nontraditional route and giving a different last name to each child.

Starting the day with caffeine? You need to know this

Caffeine has long straddled the line between cultural meme and societal ill. Some nutritionists claim that caffeine consumption has finally gotten out of control. In past years, caffeine was found largely in coffee and sodas—today, it’s added to candy and novelty items that appeal to kids. This recent influx of caffeinated products has raised serious questions about caffeine’s health effects, a topic that consumers and experts alike have debated for years.

Body art goes skin deep


Subdermal implants—objects buried under the skin with the purpose of creating a sculptural image or magnetic pull—have become popular among those who are into extreme body modification. But plastic surgeons say body artists who do these procedures are not just putting people at risk for health problems—they are actually breaking the law.

Home is where the art is


High rents and limited space in Manhattan, the center of the art world, have forced artists to come up with a new way to display their work: Turning their homes into de facto art galleries.

Drivers talk and text themselves into a jam


These days it’s not just fender benders and near collisions that have motorists enraged with those who dial and drive. Chatty drivers are blamed for slow-moving traffic too.

Movie night? So many choices (of how to watch)


With so many to choose from, how does one decide whether to rent, stream or just leave it in the hands of the TV guide? With varying costs and levels of quality, choosing how to watch a movie today can be more complicated than a “Mission Impossible” plot. It can also reveal something about your movie watching personality.

For some, online group therapy is a cause for concern

As the number of online therapy groups grows, so does concern in the psychotherapy community. Because most sites are offered by people without formal training in psychotherapy, some experts say the groups can be more damaging to their participants than helpful. And some are afraid that in this economy, where jobs and insurance polices are being lost at a record pace, cash-strapped people think they can find therapy online without the cost of a therapist.