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What's in my closet? A biology lab

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Kay Aull tries to see if she has DNA at the end of an experiment using a handheld UV flashlight. (Photo courtesy of Mac Cowell)


Members of DIYbio assemble homemade equipment to separate DNA: batteries, an iPhone and a voltmeter. (Photo courtesy of Mac Cowell)


A homemade camera stand to see DNA, named "Senor Gel Box" by Kay Aull. It was made using UV filters from a military-surplus store. (Photo courtesy of Mac Cowell)

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As the nation becomes pro-science again, with Barack Obama appointing several Nobel laureates to Cabinet positions, people have started doing biology experiments in their own homes. The latest trend in the do-it-yourself movement is biology, as amateur scientists extract DNA, run gels and even sequence their genomes in pursuit of scientific education.