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Wanted: used car, summer sublet and ... a new best friend

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Keenen Thompson, 18, checks the ad he posted on the online classified-ad site Craigslist looking for new friends. Thompson says that it gives him more control over the types of people he meets. (Photo by Jill Colvin/CNS)


More and more friend seekers are posting ads on the free online classified-ad site Craigslist in hopes of finding connections. (Photo by Jill Colvin/CNS)


Keenen Thompson, 18, uses the online classified-ad site Craigslist to try to meet new friends. (Photo by Jill Colvin/CNS)

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Wanted: a new BFF. Though Craigslist may be better known for advertising apartment sublets, free couches and X-rated propositions, friend seekers across the nation are increasingly turning to the site in search of “Strictly Platonic” connections.