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Here's a scoop: Gorgonzola and garlic ice cream have arrived

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The menu board at Max & Mina's Homemade Ice Cream and Ices shop in Queens, N.Y. Among the daily flavors are beer, garlic, cola and sour cream. (Photo by Jodi Broadwater/CNS)


Bruce Becker, co-owner of Max & Mina's Homemade Ice Cream and Ices in Queens, N.Y., scoops out a sample of garlic ice cream. Garlic is but one of many unusual flavors the shop serves up, including beer, horseradish and Nova lox. (Photo by Jodi Broadwater/CNS)

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Move over vanilla. Ice cream has gone gonzo with flavors like garlic, lobster, wasabi and Gorgonzola.