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The ‘Wicked’ wigs of the west? Only a Broadway hairdresser knows

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Chris Clark brushes one of the wigs that Elphaba, played by Nicole Parker, will wear in the show. (Photo by Leslie Barrie/CNS)


The Wicked sign lights up at the Gershwin Theater before the show begins. (Photo by Leslie Barrie/CNS)


There's no empty space on the wig room shelves, except when Clark takes down a wig to work on it. (Photo by Leslie Barrie/CNS)


Clark sews back the hair of one of the male ensemble's wigs using a single brown thread. This trick keeps the wig out of the actor's face. (Photo by Leslie Barrie/CNS)


A hairdresser brushes one of the wigs before she curls it. (Photo by Leslie Barrie/CNS)

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For a wig supervisor on Broadway, life can get a little hairy. The hit show “Wicked” uses 150 wigs. And someone has to keep them all clean.