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No calories, sweet and all natural: is stevia too good to be true?

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Reb A is the prized sweetener that is derived from stevia leaves. (Photo courtesy of PureCircle)


Now only available at select venues in New York City and Chicago, stevia-sweetened Sprite Green will have a broader rollout later this year. (Photo courtesy of Coca-Cola)


Stevia plants ready to be harvested. (Photo courtesy of PureCircle)


Pepsi's SoBe lifewater is the company's first stevia-sweetened beverage to be sold in the United States. (Photo courtesy of Pepsi)

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For Coke and Pepsi, the long search for a natural sugar substitute to replace synthetic saccharin and aspartame may be over with the government’s recent approval of stevia as a food additive. But health concerns linger.