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When every weekend is a three-day weekend

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Each week on his day off, Broderick Shoemaker, 24, orders the same salmon sushi bowl at Kitaro Sushi, a Japanese restaurant in New York City. (Photo by Candy Cheng/CNS)


Nena Lambert, 52, spends her Fridays off driving almost 300 miles to visit her 87-year-old mother in West Chester, Pa. (Photo by Maria Lambert)

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Delia Desai, an associate photo editor at Vibe magazine in New York City, recently took at 12.5 percent pay cut and switched to a four-day workweek instead of seeing any of her co-workers get laid off. But as four-day workweeks become more common, what do employees do on the fifth day? Experts agree that they are unlikely to turn into couch potatoes. Instead, more workers are using their extra days off to restore their work-life balance, run errands and pursue hobbies.