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Interactive design: where fashion, technology and art meet and mingle

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HearWear_bag_yh copy.jpg

Designer Younghui Kim sits with her Hearwear bag (designed by Kim and Milena Berry) which lights up in response to Manhattan's noise levels (Photo by Marc Vose)


The HearWear skirt designed by Younghui Kim and Milena Berry lights up in response to noise (Photo by Kate Kunath)

skorpions group.jpg

Di Mainstone's Skorpions collection, designed together with XS Labs, intersects performance art, technology and fashion (Photo courtesy Di Mainstone)

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More young designers are incorporating technology into fashion, but their clothes are not of a metallic-cyborg-meets-Spock variety. Some are more art than high fashion, but they hint of a future where our clothes are more than just a covering, when they become performance pieces that promote social interaction.