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Bicentennial (and Obama) means boom times for Lincoln presenters

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Skip Critell performs as Lincoln in schools and senior centers in the Boise area. (Photo courtesy of Skip Critell)


Max and Donna Daniels have made a living presenting Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln throughout the country. (Photo courtesy of Max Daniels)


Despite living just a few hours from Fort Sumter, where the Civil War started, Gerald Pitts says there's more offers to play Lincoln than ever. (Photo courtesy of Jon O. Hollowa)


Fritz Klein, an Illinois based presenter, occasionally fasts to stay Lincoln-thin. (Photo courtesy of Steve Wright)

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Abraham Lincoln presenters are more popular than ever, thanks to the 16th president's 200th birthday and the election of Barack Obama. Thrilled with the flood of offers, they are eager to introduce Lincoln and his attributes to new audiences.