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Secret speakeasies alive and well

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Gerry Corcoran, a bartender at PDT in New York City, serves up a There Will Be Blood cocktail. PDT, like other nouveau speakeasies, boasts of the fresh, unique and modern cocktails it creates. (Photo by Maureen Lovett for CNS)


The main room with bar and lounge at PX in Alexandria, Va. Only a blue light and pirate flag flying outside alert guests that this speakeasy, hiding within a fish-and-chips joint, is open. (Photo by Ken Wyner; courtesy of PX)


A patron awaits his cocktail, made from homemade bitters and fruit juices, at Bourbon & Branch in San Francisco. Nondescript from the outside, the bar runs on a reservations-only system and requires its guests to present a password prior to entry. (Photo by Justin Lew; courtesy of Bourbon & Branch)

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Secret entrances, buzzers and passwords: Speakeasies are back with a vengeance.