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For curly girls, it’s no straight sell

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lorraine massey edit 2.jpg

Lorraine Massey, co-founder of Devachan, cutting hair in her New York City salon. (Photo by Sarah Breger/CNS)

deva products long shot edit.jpg

DevaCurl hair products line a wall of the Devachan Salon. (Photo by Sarah Breger/CNS)

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In the battle to control curly hair there are two defenders of the frizz: Ouidad and Devachan. Ouidad (who only goes by her first name) has developed the “carve and slice” way of cutting curly hair while Devachan created the “no poo” method, in which you never shampoo your hair. There are fanatical fans of each philosophy, and as more stylists are being trained in these schools of thought, the methods are spreading across the country.