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Where the wild things say aah: vets that cater to exotic pets

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Simon Starkey, a certified avian specialist, explains his diagnosis to Heiberto Espaillat, a parrot owner. (Photo by Ana E. Azpurua/CNS)


Simon Starkey, an exotic pets veterinarian, cuts Paco's nails. (Photo by Ana E. Azpurua/CNS)


Simon Starkey takes a sample of a parrot's possible tumor. (Photo by Ana E. Azpurua/CNS)


Charlie, a red-eared slider turtle, undergoes a procedure to remove a lump from his cheek. (Photo by Ana E. Azpurua/CNS)


A guinea pig with a cast recovers at the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine in New York City. (Photo by Ana E. Azpurua/CNS)

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A turtle can now have its own personal doctor. A growing number of veterinarians are treating reptiles, birds and other small mammals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. That's a relief for pet owners who need to treat a constipated frog or diagnose a parrot’s tumor.