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Elbows off the table, close your mouth when you chew: Charm schools are making a comeback

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Roslyn Rolan watches as Isabella Safdie arranges a dinner setting. (Photograph by Elaine Santana)


Andrea De La Cruz practicing her walk as Natalie Delgado (left) and Isabella Safdie (right) watch. (Photograph by Elaine Santana)


Natalie Delgado, Andrea De La Cruz and Isabella Safdie watch as Rolan shows them how to sit. (Photograph by Elaine Santana)

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They used to be relics of the past, along with the tea parties, cotillions, and high-society soirees they evoked. But charm schools are making a comeback as an increasing number of people, especially teenage girls, are signing up to learn how to walk, talk and eat with class.