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Forget hops, how about some chocolate in your beer?

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A shortage of hops, one of the main ingredients in beer, has pushed up the cost of brewing. (Photo by Karsten Moran)


Graphic showing the rise in hops prices. (Graphic by Jessica Leber)


Hops are measured and weighed during the beer brewing process. (Photo by Karsten Moran)


The brewing community is experiencing a shortage in hops, which here is dumped in pellet form into a steaming, boiling pot of unfermented beer during the brewing process. (Photo by Karsten Moran)


Hops, currently in high demand due to a shortage, float near the surface of a boiling pot. (Photo by Karsten Moran)

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A worldwide shortage of hops, the flavoring found in most beers, is inspiring homebrewers to get creative with their hobby, adding everything from vanilla to spices from the Middle Ages to their drink.