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Want to safeguard your dog's health? Don't forget the eyes.

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Veterinary ophthalmologist Dr. Jennifer Welser checks 1-year-old Louie's eyes. (Julie Hau for CNS)


A veterinary technician holds 1-year-old Louie, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, during his eye exam at the NYC Veterinary Specialists and Cancer Treatment Center. (Julie Hau for CNS)


Dr. Jennifer Welser, a veterinary ophthalmologist in New York, checks a flare-up in 1-year-old Louie's cornea. (Julie Hau for CNS)


Dr. Jennifer Welser prepares to apply a bandage contact lens to relieve eye irritation for 10-year-old Princess at the NYC Veterinary Specialists and Cancer Treatment Center in Manhattan. (Julie Hau for CNS)

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Most dog owners assume that the annual routine exam at the vet's office will take care of all aspects of their pet's health. But veterinary ophthalmologists across the country urge owners to make sure their pet's eyes get a closer look.