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Foosball anyone? An old game makes a comeback

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u:\My Pictures\08_04_11_Foosball\08_04_11_Foosball_WorldCup.jpg

A game at the 2006 ITSF World Cup in Germany (Courtesy of ITSF)

u:\My Pictures\08_04_11_Foosball\08_04_11_Foosball_Foosman.jpg

Table soccer is played with these little "foos-men" (Courtesy of ITSF)

u:\My Pictures\08_04_11_Foosball\08_04_11_Foosball_Referee.jpg

Foosball is a well-organized sport with internationally established rules (Courtesy of ITSF)

u:\My Pictures\08_04_11_Foosball\08_04_11_Foosball_Young.jpg

Foosball is a sport people at every skill level and age group can play (Courtesy of ITSF)

u:\My Pictures\08_04_11_Foosball\08_04_11_Foosball_USTeam.jpg

The U.S. National Foosball Team at the 2007 ITSF World Championships (Courtesy of Melissa Keg, Fooswor)

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The “foosies” are back. Table soccer, aka foosball, was a popular bar game in the 1970s, before video arcades pushed it out of the limelight. Now it's a worldwide phenomenon, complete with international tournaments and serious prize money. The best part: you don't have to be in shape to play.