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Iraq vets go shaggy to break with the past

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Captain Andrew Rouchka hugs his wife, Kate, in a welcome home ceremony in Bamberg, Germany after returning from his second combat tour in Iraq on Oct. 24, 2006. (Photo Courtesy of Andrew Rouchka)


A long-haired Andy Rouchka takes a beer break after a long morning of skiing in Killington, Vermont in Feb. 2008, one year after getting out of the Army. (Photo Courtesy of Andrew Rouchka)


First Lieutenant Joseph Rollin poses for his official Army photograph in 2005, just before his first combat tour in Iraq. (Photo Courtesy of Joseph Rollin)


A sun and wind-burned Joe Rollin records his post-Army beard after months spent mountain-biking and climbing across the country in Sept. 2007. (Photo Courtesy of Joseph Rollin)


Second Lieutenant Luke Bohanan leads a patrol in the villages outside of Logistical Support Area Anaconda in Balad, Iraq in Oct. 2003. (Photo Courtesy of Luke Bohanan)


A heavily bearded Luke (aka Bobby) Bohanan displays the catch of the day while fishing off the coast of Oregon in July 2007, five months after he left the Army. (Photo Courtesy of Luke Bohanan)

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Buzzcuts and close shaves are the mandated look when serving the country. But after tough tours in Iraq, a growing number of discharged Army officers are going shaggy to break with the past.