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Living together, living green

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Members of Songaia Cohousing (from left to right) Karla Luback, Nancy, and Fred Lanpear, and Dorothy Fulton pose at the entrance of their community located in Bohell, Washington. (Photo courtesy of Craig Ragland)


Songaia residents, Chuck and Marilyn Hanna-Myrich take out the common house recycling. (Photo courtesy of Craig Ragland)


Lois Arkin, founder of the non-profit Cooperative Resources and Services Project (CRSP), and the Los Angeles Eco-Village, says she stopped driving her car in 1991. Arkin is pictured here in 2005, on a scooter by one of the main LA Eco-Village buildings. (Photo courtesy of Lois Arkin)


Somerset Waters and his wife Aurisha Smolarski Waters -- married last summer -- are active members of the LA Eco-Village community and, like most residents, commute on bicycle. (Photo courtesy of Lois Arkin)

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Cohousing developments are sprouting up like never before, helping people live not only more communal, but also more environmentally conscious lives.