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Black cats finish last

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Patti-cakes, a tortoiseshell, and Wickets, her daughter, await adoption at a S.A.R.A. adoption event in an Old Bridge, N.J. Petco. An adoption request was put in for Patti-cakes. (Emily Muhlhausen/CNS)


Mary Roland, a S.A.R.A. volunteer and foster "parent," holds Missy, a black kitten who has been overlooked for adoption at the Old Bridge, N.J. Petco. (Emily Muhlhausen/CNS)


Percy, at the Old Bridge, N.J. Petco, was rescued with seven other cats. As the only black cat, he is the only one left. (Emily Muhlhausen/CNS)


Alexandra, left, will be adopted if the application goes through while Parker, right, is left behind at the Old Bridge, N.J. Petco. (Emily Muhlhausen/CNS)

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Black cats are the least likely to be adopted, shelters across the country agree. Is it genetics, superstition, or just plain bad luck?