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Where to catch a drive-in movie (while you can)

While there are fewer drive-ins today than in their heyday, there are still several hundred across the country. See the list below for drive-ins in your area. The list is courtesy of the United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association and is current as of July 2007.


Blue Moon Drive-In, 4609 US 43, Gu-Win, AL

Cheyenne Drive-In, SR 79, Cleavland, AL

Cinemagic Drive-In, 1702 S. Jefferson St. SE, Athens, AL

Continental Drive-In, 14200 US 84 W., Dothan, AL

Henagar Drive-In, 189 Gourge Rd., Henagar, AL

Kings Drive-In, 18478 Hwy. 43,Russellville, AL

Piedmont Drive-In, 1260 US 278 W., Piedmont, AL

Sand Mountain Drive-In, 10480 US 431, Boaz, AL

Starlite Drive-In, 5739 AL 202, Wellborn, AL

The Drive-In, 100 Angus St. (US 11), Trussville, AL

The 411 Drive-In, 300 CR 265, Centre, AL


Apache Drive-In, US 60, Globe, AZ

De Anza 4 Drive-In, 1401 S. Alveron Way, Tuscon, AZ

Glendale Drive-In, 5650 N. 55th Ave., Glendale, AZ

Scottsdale 6 Drive-In, 8101 E. McKellips Rd., Scottsdale, AZ


The 112 Drive-In, 3352 N. Hwy. 112, Fayetteville, AR

Kenda Drive-In, Rt. 65 N., Marshall, AR

Stone Drive-In, Rt. 87 N., Mountain View, AR


Capitol Drive-In, 3630 Hillcap Ave., San Jose, CA

Ceres Drive-In, E. Whitmore Ave. (CA 99), P.O. Box 35, Ceres, CA

Hi-Way Drive-In, 3085 Santa Maria Way, Santa Maria, CA

Kings Drive-In, 14th Ave. & Lacey Blvd., Hanford, CA

Lakeport Auto Movies, 52 Soda Bay Rd., Lakeport, CA

Madera Drive-In, 201 E. Lincoln Ave., Madera, CA

Marysville Drive-In, 5575 Chestnut Rd. (SR 70), Marysville, CA

Mission Tiki Drive-In, 10789 Ramona Ave., Montclair, CA

Mooney Drive-In, 26672 S. Mooney Blvd.(SR 63), Visalia, CA

Motor Vu Drive-In, 385 W. Aten Rd.(SR 86), Imperial, CA

Reds Crescent Drive-In, 2303 Elk Valley Rd., Crescent City, CA

Rubidoux Drive-In, 3770 Opal St., Riverside, CA

Sacramento 6 Drive-In, 9616 Oates Rd., Sacramento, CA

Santee Drive-In, 10990 Woodside Ave. N. (SR 67), Santee, CA

Skyline Drive-In, 31175 CA 58, Barstow, CA

Smiths Ranch Drive-In, 4584 Adobe Rd., Twentynine Palms, CA

Solano Drive-In, 1611 Solano Way, Concord, CA

South Bay Drive-In, 2170 Coronado Ave., Imperial Beach, CA

Sunset Drive-In, 255 Elks Ln., San Luis Obispo, CA

Van Buren Cinema 3 Drive-In, 3035 Van Buren Blvd., Riverside, CA

Vineland Drive-In, 443 N. Vineland Ave., City of Industry, CA


The 88 Drive-In, 8780 Rosemary St., Commerce City, CO

Cinderella Twin Drive-In, 3400 S. Platte River Dr., Sheridan, CO

Comanche Drive-In, CR 350 W., P.O. Box 1046, Buena Vista, CO

Holiday Twin Drive-In, 2206 S. Overland Trail, Fort Collins, CO

Mesa Drive-In, 2620 Sante Fe Dr., Pueblo, CO

Star Drive-In, 2830 US 160 E., Monte Vista, CO

Star Drive-In, 600 E. Miami St., Montrose, CO

Starlite Twin Drive-In, 16653 SR 14, Sterling, CO

Tru-Vu Drive-In, 1001 SR 92, Delta, CO

Valley Drive-In, 19937 US 34, Fort Morgan, CO


Mansfield Drive-In, 228 Stafford Rd. (SR 32), Mansfield, CT

Pleasant Valley Drive-In, 47 River Rd. (SR 181), Pleasant Valley, CT


Diamond State Drive-In, 9758 S. Dupont Hwy, Felton, DE


Drive-In Cinema,13155 40th St., Clearwater, FL

Lake Worth Drive-In, 3438 Lake Worth Rd., Lake Worth, FL

Naples Drive-In, 7700 Davis Blvd (Rt. 84), Naples, FL

Ocala Drive-In, 4850 S. Pine Ave. (US 27), Ocala, FL

Playtime Family Drive-In, 6300 Blanding Blvd.(SR 21), Jacksonville, FL

Ruskin Family Drive-In, 5011 US 41 N., Ruskin, FL

Silvermoon Drive-In, 7100 US 92 W., Lakeland, FL

Swap Shop Drive-In, 3291 W. Sunrise Blvd. (SR 838), Fort Lauderdale, FL


Highway 17 Theatre, 2395 Bowman Hwy. (SR 17), Bowman, GA

Jesup Twin Drive-In, 3686 Savannah Hwy., Jesup, GA

Starlight 6 Drive-In, 2000 Moreland Ave. SE (US 23), Atlanta, GA

Swan Drive-In, 651 Summit St., Blue Ridge, GA

Tiger Drive-In, 2956 Old US 441 S., Tiger, GA

Wilderness Outdoor Movie Theat, 217 Old Hales Gap Rd., Trenton, GA


Grand-Vu Drive-In, Grandview Dr., Twin Falls, ID

Idan-Ha Drive-In, 75 S. Main St (SR 34), Soda Springs, ID

Motor-Vu Drive-In, 240 Eastland Dr., Twin Falls, ID

Motor-Vu Drive-In, 2095 N. Yellowstone Hwy (US 26), Idaho Falls, ID

Parma Motor-Vu, 29522 US 95, Parma, ID

Sky Vu Drive-In, 3000 S. Yellowstone Hwy (US 26), Idaho Falls, ID

Spud Drive-In, 231 Rt. 33 S., Driggs, ID

Sunset Auto-Vu, SR 13, Grangeville, ID

Sunset Drive-In, 4666 Old US 91 N., Pocatello, ID

Terrace Drive-In, 3701 S. Lake Ave., Caldwell, ID

Teton Vu Drive-In, 668 N. SR 33, Rexburg, ID


The 34 Drive-In, Old Rt. 34, Earlville, IL

Blue Moon Light Drive-In, 2875 W. Main St. (Old Rt. 34), Galesburg, IL

Cascade Outdoor Theatre, 28 W. 741 N. Ave., W. Chicago, IL

Clark 54 Drive-In, US 54 W., Rockport, IL

Fairview Drive-In, 16045 SR 33 E., Newton, IL

Galva Autovue Theatre, 8 James B. Young Rd., Galva, IL

Harvest Moon Drive-In, 1123 S. Sangamon Ave. (Rt. 47), Gibson City, IL

Hi-Lite 30 Drive-In, 34 W. 160 Montgomery Rd., Aurora, IL

Macs Drive-In, S. SR 37, Salem, IL

McHenry Outdoor Theatre, 1510 N. Chapel Hill Rd.(SR 31), McHenry, IL

Midway Drive-In, 87 Palmyra Rd., Sterling, IL

Route 66 Drive-In, 1700 Recreation Dr., Springfield, IL

Sky View Drive-In, N. Rt. 66, Litchfield, IL

Skyview Drive-In, 5700 N. Belt W., Belleville, IL


The 49er Drive-In, Calumet Ave (Rt. 49 N.), Valparaiso, IN

Airline Twin Drive-In, 2780 E. SR 32, Winchester, IN

Auburn-Garrett Drive-In, 1014 SR 8, Garrett, IN

Canary Creek Drive-In, US 31, Franklin, IN

Centerbrook Drive-In, 6735 SR 67 N., Martinsville, IN

Cinema 67 Drive-In, SR 67 (near SR 231), Spencer, IN

Clermont Deluxe Drive-In, 10310 E. US 136, Clermont (Indianapolis), IN

Georgetown Drive-In, 8200 SR 64, Georgetown, IN

Holiday Drive-In, 1055 SR 37 S., Mitchell, IN

Holiday Drive-In, 644 N. Hwy. 161, Rockport, IN

Huntington Drive-In, 1291 Condit St., Huntington, IN

Lake Shore Drive-In, 100 W. Rickey Rd., Monticello, IN

Melody Drive-In, 7055 S. US 35, Knox, IN

Mels at the Starlite Drive-In, SR 39 N., Mechanicsburg, IN

Sky Vue Drive-In, 1126 CR 500 S., New Castle, IN

Skyline Drive-In,1353 SR 17 N., Logansport, IN

Skyline Drive-In, 3986 E. Michigan Rd., Shelbyville, IN

Starlite Drive-In, 7630 S. Old SR 37, Bloomington, IN

Tibbs Drive-In, 480 S. Tibbs Ave., Indianapolis, IN

Tri-Way Drive-In, 4400 N. Michigan Rd., Plymouth, IN


The 61 Drive-In, Hwy. 61 S., Box 857, Maquoketa, IA

Council Bluffs Drive-In, 1130 S. Omaha Bridge Rd., Council Bluffs, IA

Sunshine Mine Drive-In, Hwy. 2, Centerville, IA

Valle Drive-In, 4074 Rt. F48, Newton, IA


Iola 54 Drive-In, 1300 2200th St. (US 54), Iola, KS

Kanopolis Drive-In, 804 S. Kansas Ave., Kanopolis, KS

Midway Drive-In, 29505 W. 327th St., Osawatomie, KS

South Drive-In, 1019 McArtor Rd., Dodge City, KS

Star Vu Drive-In, Haverhill Rd. (RR 1), El Dorado, KS

Star-Vue Drive-In, 72 S. Harper CR 14, Anthony, KS

Starlite Drive-In, 3900 S. Hydraulic St., Wichita, KS


The 27 Twin Drive-In, 5270 US 27 S., Somerset, KY

Bourbon Drive-In, Jackstown Rd. @ Hwy 68, Paris, KY

Calvert Drive-In, Rt. 95 S., Calvert City, KY

Franklin Drive-In, 6250 Nashville Rd.(US 31), Franklin, KY

Judy Drive-In, 4078 Maysville Rd.(SR 11), Mt. Sterling, KY

Kenwood Drive-In, 7001 Southside Dr., Louisville, KY

Mountain View Drive-In, 1327 E. College Ave.(SR 11), Stanton, KY

Sky Vue Twin Drive-In, 5909 Lexington Rd. (US 60), Winchester, KY

Skyline Drive-In, 5600 Hodgenville Rd. (S.R. 61), Greensburg, KY

Stanford Drive-In, 325 W. Main St. (US 150), Stanford, KY

Tri-City Drive-In, 1482 US 231 S., Beaver Dam, KY

Twin Hills Drive-In, 1785 Louisville Rd.(US 127), Harrodsburg, KY


Bridgton Drive-In, 383 Portland Rd. (Rt. 302), Bridgton, ME

Prides Corner, 651 Bridgton Rd.(US 302), Westbrook, ME

Saco Drive-In, 969 Portland Rd.(US 1), Saco, ME

Skowhegan Drive-In, Waterville Rd., Skowhegan, ME

Skylite Drive-In, 301 11th Ave., Madawaska, ME


Bengies Drive-In, 3417 Eastern Blvd., Middle River, MD

Bowie Baysox Drive-In, 4101 NE Crain Hwy., Bowie, MD


Leicester Triple Drive-In, 1675 Main St. (SR 9). Leicester, MA

Mendon Drive-In, 45 Milford St. (SR 16), Mendon, MA

Tri-Town Drive-In, 3 Youngs Rd., Lunenburg, MA

Wellfleet Drive-In, 51 Rt. 6, Wellfleet, MA


Capri Drive-In, 119 W. Chicago Rd.(US 12), Coldwater, MI

Cherry Bowl Drive-In, 9812 Honor Hwy.(US 31), Honor, MI

Five Mile Drive-In, 28190 M 152, Dowagiac, MI

Ford-Wyoming 1-5, 10400 Ford Rd.(SR 153), Dearborn, MI

Ford-Wyoming 6-9, 6251 Wyoming St., Dearborn, MI

Getty 4 Drive-In, 920 E. Summit Ave., Muskegon Hts., MI

Hi-Way Drive-In, 2778 W. Sanilac Rd.(SR 46), Carsonville, MI

Michigan Drive-In, 742 Manitou Rd., Manitou Beach, MI

Miracle Twin Drive-In, 6383 E. Court St. N.(IR 69), Burton, MI

Sunset Drive-In, 69017 Red Arrow Hwy., Hartford, MI

  1. S. 23 Twin Drive-In, 5200 Fenton Rd., Flint, MI


Cottage View Drive-In, 9338 E Point Douglas Rd.(US10), P.O. Box 433, Cottage Grove, MN

Long Drive-In, Rt. 71 N., Long Prairie, MN

Sky-Vu Drive-In, 34880 SR 1 NW, Warren, MN

Starlite Drive-In, 28264 MN 22, Litchfield, MN

Vali-Hi Drive-In, 11260 Hudson Blvd. N., Lake Elmo, MN

Verne Drive-In, 1607 1/2 S. Kniss Ave.(US 75), Luverne, MN


The 25 Drive-In, 63061 Old Hwy. 25 N., Amory, MS

Beverly Drive-In, Rollingswood Dr., Hattiesburg, MS

Guntown Drive-In, 124 CR 773, Guntown, MS

Iuka Drive-In, W. Quitman St., Iuka, MS


The 19 Drive-In, 5853 Hwy. 19, Cuba, MO

The 21 Drive-In, Rt. 21 N., Van Buren, MO

The 66 Drive-In, 17231 Old 66 Blvd., Carthage, MO

Barco Drive-In, 57 SE 25th Ln. (Rt. 160), Lamar, MO

Horseshoe Lake Drive-In, 5815 Frederick Ave. (SR 6), St. Joseph, MO

I-70 Drive-In, 8701 E. US 40 , Kansas City, MO

Moberly 5 and Drive, 3000 N. Morley St., Moberly, MO

Owen Drive-In, 1 Owen Dr., Seymour, MO

Phoenix Drive-In, 16657 State Hwy. B, Houston, MO

Pine Hill Drive-In, Rt. 34 (RR 2), Piedmont, MO

Starlite Drive-In, 15605 SR 21 N., Cadet, MO

Sunset Drive-In, 1601 E. Church St. (Biz 60), Aurora, MO

Twin Drive-In, 291 E. Kentucky Rd., Independence, MO


Amusement Park Drive-In, 72nd St. W., Laurel, MT

Libby Drive-In, 6024 Mineral Ave., Libby, MT

Midway Drive-In, 3115 MT 40 W., Columbia Falls, MT

Silver Bow Twin Drive-In, Silver Bow Rd., Exit 119 off I-15, Butte, MT

Sunset Drive-In, 414 E. Boundary, Plentywood, MT

Westemaire Drive-In, 219 W. Main (US 87) , Lewistown, MT


Kearney Drive-In, E. 28th St., Kearney, NE

Sandhills Drive-In, 2617 C.R. 57, Alliance, NE

Starlite Drive-In, Rt. 275 E., Neligh, NE


El Rancho Drive-In, 555 El Rancho Dr.. Sparks, NV

Las Vegas Drive-In, 4150 W. Carey Ave.. N. Las Vegas, NV


Milford Twin Drive-In, 570 Elm St., Milford, NH

Northfield Drive-In, 981 Northfield Rd (SR 63), Hinsdale, NH

Weirs Drive-In, US 3, Weirs Beach, NH


Delsea Drive-In, 2203 S. Delsea Dr.(SR 47), Vineland, NJ


Fiesta Drive-In, 401 W. Fiesta Dr.(US 285), Carlsbad, NM

Fort Union Drive-In, 3300 7th St., Las Vegas, NM


The 56 Auto Drive-In, Andrews St.(SR 56), Massena, NY

Bath Drive-In, 6770 A Lake Rd. Bath, NY

Bay Drive-In, SR 26 @ Bailey Settlement Rd., Alexandria Bay, NY

Black River Drive-In, 28035 NY Rt. 3, Black River, NY

Buffalo Drive-In, 3085 Harlem Rd., Buffalo, NY

El Rancho Drive-In, 6070 SR 5. Palatine Bridge, NY

Elmira Drive-In. 2431 SR 352, Elmira, NY

Fair Oaks Drive-In, Rt. 17M, Middletown, NY

Finger Lakes Drive-In , Rt. 5 & 20, Auburn, NY

Glen Drive-In, Lake George Rd., Glens Falls, NY

Grandview Drive-In, Erie Rd (SR 5 & CR 5) , Angola, NY

Greenville Family Drive-In, Rt. 32, P.O. Box 427, Greenville, NY

Hathaways Drive-In, 4762 SR 67, N. Hoosick, NY

Hi-Way Drive-In, SR 9 W., Coxsackie, NY

Hollywood Drive-In, 9270 Averill Park Rd.(SR 16), Averill Park, NY

Hyde Park Drive-In, 510 Albany Post Rd., Hyde Park, NY

Jericho Drive-In, SR 9 W., Glenmont, NY

Loomis Delevan Drive-In, 11771 Rt.16, Delevan, NY

Malta Drive-In, 2785 SR 9, Malta, NY

Midway Drive-In, 2475 SR 48, Minetto. NY

Mountain Drive-In, 1957 Rt. 296, Jewett, NY

Overlook Drive-In, Overlook Rd., Poughkeepsie, NY

Ozoner 29 Drive-In, 837 State Hwy 29, Broadalbin, NY

Park 60 Drive-In, 1529 Foote Ave. E.(SR 60), Jamestown, NY

Portville Drive-In, Rt. 417, Portville, NY

Silver Lake Drive-In, 7037 Chapman Ave., Perry, NY

Sunset Drive-In, 120 Telegraph Rd.(SR 31), Middleport, NY

Transit Drive-In, 6655 Transit Rd (Rt. 78), Lockport, NY

Valley Brook Drive-In. Burdicks Crossing, Lyon Falls, NY

Vintage Drive-In. 1520 Rochester Rd. (SR 15), Avon, NY

Warwick Drive-In, 11 Warwick Tpke (SR 94), Warwick, NY

West Rome Drive-In, Upper W. Dominick (SR 69), Rome, NY


Badin Road Drive-In, 2411 Badin Rd.(SR 740). Albemarle, NC

Belmont Drive-In, 314 McAdenville Rd.(SR 7), Belmont, NC

Bessemer City Kings Mtn. DI, 1365 Bessemer City Rd.(SR 274), Bessemer City, NC

Bright Leaf Drive-In, 150 N. Andy Griffith Pkwy, Mt. Airy, NC

Eden Drive-In, 106 Fireman Club Rd.(SR 770), Eden, NC

Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre, 3336 Raleigh Rd. (Biz. 1 S.), Henderson, NC

Starlite Drive-In, 2523 E. Club Blvd., Durham, NC

Sunset Drive-In, 3935 W. Dixon Blvd.(US 74), Shelby, NC


Lake Park Drive-In, 312 Main St.(SR 1804), Williston, ND


Aut-O-Rama Drive-In 33395 Lorain Rd., N. Ridgeville, OH

Auto-Vue Drive-In, 1409 4th Ave., P.O. Box 92, Sidney, OH

Blue Sky Drive-In, 959 Broad St., Wadsworth, OH

Dixie Drive-In ,6201 N. Dixie Rd., Dayton, OH

East Bend Twin Drive-In, 9897 SR 12, Russellville OH

Elm Road Triple Drive-In, 1895 Elm Rd.(SR 5), Warren, OH

Free Christian Drive-In, 1900 W. Mound St., Columbus, OH

Hi-Road Drive-In, 8059 US 68, Kenton, OH

Holiday Auto Theatre, 1816 Old Oxford Hwy. (SR130), Hamilton, OH

Kanauga Drive-In, 1483 SR 7 N., Gallipolis, OH

Lake Drive-In, 8477 SR 703, Celina, OH

Lynn Auto Theatre, 9735 SR 250 NW, Strasburg, OH

Magic City Drive-In, 5602 S. Cleveland-Massillon Rd, Barberton, OH

Mayfield Road Drive-In, 12091 Mayfield Rd. (US 322), Chardon, OH

Melody 49 Drive-In, 7606 Pleasant-Plain Rd., Clayton, OH

Melody Cruise-In, 4025 E. National Rd.(US 40), Springfield, OH

Midway Drive-In, 1736 SR 59, Ravenna, OH

Park Layne Drive-In, 2550 S. Dayton-Lakeview Rd. , New Carlisle, OH

Pymatuning Lake Drive-In, 5863 Beach St., Andover, OH

Scioto Breeze Drive-In, 9959 US 23, Lucasville, OH

Skyborn Drive-In, SR 235 & Haddix Rd, Fairborn, OH

Skyview Drive-In, 2420 E. Main St. (SR 22) , Lancaster, OH

Skyway Drive-In, 1805 N. Leavitt Rd. NW, Warren, OH

South Drive-In, 3050 S. High St., Columbus, OH

Springmill Drive-In, 1040 Springmill St. (SR 39), Mansfield, OH

Star View Drive-In, 2083 US 20 W., Norwalk, OH

Starlite Drive-In, 1889 SR 127, Maria Stein, OH

Starlite Drive-In, 2255 Ohio Pike (SR 125), Amelia, OH

Sundance Drive-In, 4500 Navarre Ave.(SR 2), Oregon, OH

Sunset Drive-In, 4018 Park Ave. W., Mansfield, OH

Tiffin Drive-In, 4041 S. SR 53, Tiffin, OH

Van-Del Drive-In, 19986 E. Lincoln Hwy., Middle Point, OH

Wilmington Drive-In, 1129 N. SR 134, Wilmington, OH

Winter Drive-In, 400 Luray Dr., Wintersville, OH


Admiral Twin Drive-In, 7355 E. Easton St., Tulsa, OK

Airline Drive-In, 1800 W. Highland Ave., Ponca City, OK

Beacon Drive-In, 2404 S. Division St., Guthrie, OK

Chief Drive-In , 4400 S. 4th St.(US 81), Chicasha, OK

Tower Drive-In, N. Broadway (Rt. 271), Poteau, OK

Winchester Drive-In, 6930 S. Western Ave. , Oklahoma City, OK


The 99 W Drive-In, Portland Rd. (Rt. 99 W.), Newberg, OR

La Grande Drive-In, Whiskey Creek Rd., La Grande, OR

M-F Drive-In, 225 Cherry St.(SR 11), Milton Freewater, OR

Motor Vu Drive-In, 315 S.E. Fir Villa Rd., Dallas, OR


Bar-Ann Drive-In, 1815 S. Main St., Portage, PA

Becky’s Drive-In, 4548 Lehigh Dr. (SR 248), Walnutport, PA

Brownsville Drive-In, US 40, Brownsville, PA

Circle Drive-In, Scranton Carbondale Hwy(Rt. 6), Dickson City, PA

Corry Drive-In, 11510 US 6, Corry, PA

Cumberland Drive-In, 715 Centerville Rd. (US 11), Newville, PA

Dependable Drive-In, 500 Moon-Clinton Rd., Coraopolis, PA

Erwins Comet Drive-In, Rt. 119 N., Dunbar, PA

Evergreen Drive-In, 309 Drive-In Lane, Mt. Pleasant, PA

Family Drive-In, US 6 E., Kane, PA

Garden Drive-In, Rt. 11, Hunlock Creek, PA

Haars Drive-In, 185 Logan Rd. (Rt. 15), Dillsburg, PA

Hi-Way Drive-In, 425 Theatre Rd., Carrolltown, PA

Hi-Way Drive-In, Rt. 30 E & Theatre St., Latrobe., PA

Kane Road Drive-In, 2971 Kane Rd., Aliquippa, PA

Laurel Drive-In, SR 309 S., Hazleton, PA

Mahoning Drive-In, SR 443, Lehighton, PA

Malden Drive-In, 380 National Pike E. (US 40), Brownsville, PA

Midway Drive-In, Rt. 3, Mifflintown, PA

Moonlite Drive-In, 5268 US 322 W., Brookville, PA

Palace Gardens Drive-In, 225 Indian Springs Rd., Indiana, PA

Pike Drive-In Theatre, 5798 US Hwy. 15, Montgomery, PA

Pioneer Drive-In, SR 8 N., Butler, PA

Port Drive-In, Rt. 220 S., Linden, PA

Reynolds Drive-In, 3706 N. Hermitage Rd. (SR 18), Transfer, PA

Riverside Drive-In, 1114 Lees Lake Ln, Vandergrift, PA

Shankweilers Drive-In, 4540 Shankweiler Rd., Orefield, PA

Silver Drive-In, 1664 Scalp Ave.(SR 56), Johnstown, PA

Sky-Vu Drive-In, Rt. 25, Gratz, PA

Skyview Drive-In, SR 88 South, Carmichaels, PA

Starlite Drive-In, 1100 Benner Pike(SR 150) , State College, PA

Sunset Drive-In, 808 SR 97, Waterford, PA

Super 322 Drive-In, Woodland Bigler Hwy. (SR 322), Clearfield, PA


Rustic Tri-View Drive-In, SR 146, N. Smithfield, RI


Highway 21 Drive-In, 55 Parker Dr. (Rt. 21) , Beaufort, SC

Monetta Drive-In, 5822 Columbia Hwy. N.(US 1), Monetta, SC


Hilltop Drive-In, W. SR 18, Gregory, SD

Midway Drive-In, 19808 Rainbow Ranch Place, Miller, SD

Pheasant City Drive-In, 625 E. 3rd St.(US 281), Redfield, SD

Pheasant Drive-In, 1600 20th St. SW , Mobridge, SD

Starlite Drive-In, 4601 N. Main St.(SR 37), Mitchell, SD

Winner Drive-In, E. Rt. 18, Winner, SD


Broadway Drive-In, 3020 US 70 E., Dickson, TN

Dunlap Drive-In, US 127, Dunlap, TN

Hi-Way 50 Drive-In, 1584 Fayetteville Hwy.(US 431), Lewisburg, TN

Higgins Moonlite Drive-In, John Bragg Highway (US 70 S.), Woodbury, TN

Macon Drive-In, 3570 Scottsville Rd.(SR 10), Lafayette, TN

Midtown Drive-In, 2728 Roane State Hwy. (US 70) , Harriman, TN

Midway Drive-In, 2133 SR 30 E., Athens, TN

Montana Drive-In, 10251 Tullahoma Hwy., Estill Springs, TN

Moonglo Drive-In, Lewisburg Hwy.(SR 11) , Pulaski, TN

Pink Cadillac Drive-In, 2506 SR 100 , Centerville, TN

Stardust Drive-In, 310 Purple Tiger Dr., Watertown, TN

State Line Drive-In, 2306 State Line Rd. #A(Old 19), Elizabethton, TN

Summer Avenue Drive-In, 5310 Summer Ave.(US 64), Memphis, TN

Twin City Drive-In, 2512 Volunteer Pkway(US 11 E.), Bristol, TN

Valley Drive-In, 106 W. Court St. (US 70 W.), Waverly, TN


Apache Drive-In, Rt. 31 E., Tyler, TX

Big Sky Drive-In, 6200 West Hwy 80, Midland, TX

Brazos Drive-In, 1800 W. Pearl St.(US 377 Biz), Granbury, TX

Cactus Drive-In, Rt. 83, Weslaco, TX

Central Texas Drive-In, 4001 S. Fort Hood St.(SR 195), Killeen, TX

Crossroads Drive-In, US 90A & FM 531, Shiner, TX

Fiesta Drive-In, 13800 E. Montana Ave., El Paso, TX

Galaxy Drive-In, 5301 N. IH 45, Ennis, TX

Graham Drive-In, Jacksboro Hwy., Graham, TX

Last Drive-In Picture Show, 2912 S. SR 36 Bypass, Gatesville, TX

Sandell Drive-In, SR 70 N., Clarendon, TX

Santikos Mission 4 Drive-In, 3100 Roosevelt Ave., San Antonio, TX

Sky-Vue Drive-In, S. Big Spring Hwy, South, Big Spring Hwy, Lamesa,, TX

Starlite Drive-In, 24003 N. Hwy. 59, Porter, TX

Stars & Stripes Drive-In, 5101 Hwy. 84, Lubbock, TX

Tascosa Drive-In, 1999 Dumas Hwy. , Amarillo, TX

Tower Drive-In, Hwy. 6 (RR 1), Box 15, Rule, TX

Town & Country Drive-In, 2902 Vogel St., Abeline, TX

Wes-Mer Drive-In, 2090 W. US 83, Mercedes, TX


Basin Drive-In , 680 N. State St.(US 89), Mt. Pleasant, UT

Echo Drive-In , 35 W. Main St.(US 40), Roosevelt, UT

Motor Vu Drive-In, 4055 N. SR 36, Tooele, UT

Motor Vu Drive-In, 5368 S. 1050 W. , Riverdale, UT

Redwood Drive-In, 3688 S. Redwood Rd.(SR 68), Salt Lake City, UT

Sunset Drive-In, 1620 W. US 40, Vernal, UT


Fairlee Drive-In, 1809 US 5 N., Fairlee, VT

Randall Drive-In, Rt. 12, Bethel, VT

St. Albans Drive-In, Rt. 7 N., St. Albans, VT

Sunset Drive-In, 155 Porters Point Rd., Colchester, VT


Central Drive-In, 5111 Kent Jct. Rd. (Biz. 23), Norton, VA

Family Drive-In, 5890 Valley Pike S. (Rt. 11), Stephens City, VA

Fork Union Drive-In, Winnsville Dr. (SR 612), RR 1 Box 82, Fork Union, VA

Hiland Drive-In, 7164 Rt. 11 S., Rural Retreat, VA

Hulls Drive-In , 2409 N. Lee Hwy. (US 11), Lexington, VA

Moonlite Theatre, 17555 Lee Hwy.(US 11), Abingdon, VA

Park Place Drive-In, 205 Park Blvd. (SR 16) , Marion, VA

Starlite Drive-In, 2265 Roanoke St. (US 11) , Christiansburg, VA


Auto Vue Drive-In, 444 Auto Vue Rd., Colville, WA

Blue Fox Drive-In, 1403 N. Monroe Landing Rd., Oak Harbor, WA

Puget Park Drive-In, 13020 Meridan Ave. S., Everett, WA

Rodeo Drive-In, 7369 State Hwy. 3 SW, Port Orchard, WA

Skyline Drive-In, 182 SE Brewer Rd.(US 101), Shelton, WA

Valley 6 Drive-In, 401 49th St. NE, Auburn, WA

Vue Dale Drive-In, 1546 S. Wenatchee Ave. , Wenatchee, WA

Wheel In Motor Movie, 210 Theatre Rd., Port Townsend, WA


Glen Dale Drive-In, Rt. 2, Glen Dale, WV

Grafton Drive-In, Rt. 119, Grafton, WV

Hilltop Drive-In, SR 8 @ CR 208, Chester, WV

Jungle Drive-In, Valley Mills Circle (Rt. 2), Parkersburg, WV

Meadow Bridge Drive-In, SR 20, Meadow Bridge, WV

Mt. Zion Drive-In, SR 16, Mt. Zion, WV

Pipestem Drive-In, SR 20 N., Speedway, WV

Sunset Drive-In, Rt. 19, Shinnston, WV

Warner Drive-In, Rt. 220, Franklin, WV


Big Sky Drive-In, 9174 N. Winnebago Rd., Wisconsin Dells, WI

Field of Scenes Drive-In, N. 3732 Uni Dr. (SR 55), Freedom, WI

Gemini Drive-In, 6730 US 12 W., Eau Claire, WI

Highway 18 Outdoor Theatre W6423 St. Hwy. 18, Jefferson, WI

Keno Family Drive-In 9102 Sheridan Rd.(SR 32), Kenosha, WI

Moonlight Outdoor Theatre, 1494 E. Greenbay St.(SR 22), Shawano, WI

Sky-Vu Drive-In, 1936 SR 69 S., Monroe, WI

Skyway Drive-In, 3475 WI 42, Fish Creek, WI


American Dream Drive-In, 1070 Rt. 9, Powell, WY