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Drive-in movie theaters turn 75. Catch one while you can.

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Classic cars park in front of the screen tower of Jim Kopp's Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre. (Photo courtesy of Jim Kopp)


Richard M. Hollingshead, III, son of the inventor of the drive-in, and his wife, Donna, meet Jim Kopp, at this year's drive-in theater owner convention in February. (Photo courtesy of Jim Kopp)


Patrons last year watch the newly-released "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" at the drive-in. (Courtesy of The Southern California Drive-In Movie Society)


In many places, the screen towers of abandoned drive-ins still remain. (Photo by Jennifer Sherer Janish)

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All but wiped out by malls and housing developments, the American drive-in movie theatre still exists in several hundred localities throughout the country, hanging on to celebrate its 75th anniversary--though you may have to hit the road to find one.