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To busy to kiss a tree, read Tolstoy, think of your dead stepmother? This artist will do it for you

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David Horvitz in Times Square in New York. He himself doesn't seem quite sure whether his latest project arose out of boredom or artistic inspiration. (Photo courtesy of David Horvitz)

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David Horvitz was paid $400 to read Anna Karenina, the famous novel by Leo Tolstoy, near an abandoned smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island, New York City. (Photo courtesy of David Horvitz)

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Following in the footsteps of the established genre of "mail art," David Horvitz tried to send snow to a friend in Los Angeles. (Photo courtesy of David Horvitz)

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David Horvitz was paid $100 to kiss a moon tree in Philadelphia. (Photo courtesy of David Horvitz)

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David Horvitz wants to do many things: travel to the ends of the earth, study with a psychic, skywrite messages in the clouds. And he wants you to foot the bill. Is this art, or a clever way to finance a vacation?