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At 50, NORAD turns its eye from the Soviet threat to homeland security

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NORAD celebrates 50 years of U.S.-Canadian partnership May 12, 2008. (Courtesy of NORAD)


A pilot sprints to an F-15 standing alert at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska. (Photo courtesy of NORAD)


F-15 Eagles fly over the Pacific Ocean Aug. 9 during Exercise Valiant Shield. (Photo courtesy of NORAD)


An F-16 Fighting Falcon from flies away after refueling. (Capt Tana R.H. Stevenson)


NORAD and NORTHCOM commander Gen. Gene Renuart gives an update briefing at headquarters. (Photo courtesy of NORAD)

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NORAD, the North Aerospace Defense Command, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this spring. The US-Canada military collaboration has undergone many changes since its Cold War beginning, but none have been as far reaching as those that came in the aftermath of 9/11.