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Forget polls. Political T-shirt sales might tell it all

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These politically themed mints are sold at E.A.T. Gifts, a gift store on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, N.Y. (Photo by Karsten Moran)


"Smush Bush" stress balls hang for sale in Alice's Tea Cup, a tea room and gift shop in Manhattan, N.Y. (Photo by Karsten Moran)


Barack Obama T-shirts, like this one designed by T-Shirt Journal, are bestsellers on (Courtesy of


A Hilary Clinton T-shirt, designed by, is sold on (Courtesy of


A John McCain T-shirt, designed by Good Guys for Bush, is sold by (Courtesy of

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This hot election season, political merchandise is flying off the Internet, leaving some merchants to place bets on a winner based on which T-shirts are selling best.