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Tech-savvy pen collectors still think real ink

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Collector Yan Mann, 24, shows off one of his fountain pens. (Photo by Snejana Farberov)


Pen collector Yan Mann, 24, shows off his Israel 60th Anniversary Special pen by Delta. (Photo by Snejana Farberov)


Yan Mann's collection contains some 25 pens, including a $1100 Michel Perchin. (Photo by Snejana Farberov)


Terry Wiederlight, co-owner of Fountain Pen Hospital, displays a collection of vintage fountain pens. (Photo by Snejana Farberov)

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It takes one look around any lecture hall or office to make you believe that the ink pen's days are numbered. But the trusted writing instrument is not ready to roll off the table yet. In the United States and abroad, the fountain pen--the fancier and more respectable cousin of cheap ballpoints--is making a comeback, thanks to a a new generation of pen fans.