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Ten years later, ‘The Big Lebowski’ still abides

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Tom Esterline, right, has attended 10 Lebowski Fests as the Dude. To his left, a Walter look-alike. (Courtesy Tom Esterline)


Competitors in a Dude look-alike contest at the 6th annual Lebowski Fest in Louisville, Ky. (Courtesy of Lebowski Fest)


An "Achiever," as fans of "The Big Lebowski" call themselves, dressed as a character from a dream sequence. (Courtesy of Lebowski Fest)

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The Coen brothers just won four Academy Awards for "No Country for Old Men," but longtime fans are busy celebrating another landmark in the filmmakers' career: the 10-year anniversary of "The Big Lebowski," a film that has achieved cult status among devotees.