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Pet skunks: Cuddly, friendly, yes, but some states are saying No

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Milton Berry of Summerville, S.C. feeds popcorn to the 35 pet skunks he and his wife Landa have in their home. (Courtesy of Landa Berry)


Sherry DeMarchi of Jamesburg, N.J. shows off her pet skunk Ozzie. (Sarah N. Lynch)


Sherry DeMarchi of Jamesburg, N.J. plants a big kiss on Ozzie, her pet skunk. (Sarah N. Lynch)


Ozzie sniffs cashews on the table at his home in Jamesburg, N.J. where he lives with his owner, Sherry DeMarchi. (Sarah N. Lynch)

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Some pet fanciers out there would rather cuddle up in bed with a skunk than a cat or dog. But trying to get a skunk is a challenge, and in some states, it's getting harder.