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Smile, you’re on kite camera

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Scott Dunn gets ready to fly a kite on a windy day in Coney Island in February. (Photo by Jessica Leber/CNS)


Scott Dunn sets up his camera rig on the beach in Coney Island. (Photo by Jessica Leber/CNS)


The Coney Island Polar Bears do jumping jacks on the beach to warm up for their weekly winter swim. A flying camera shows their formation. (Photo by Scott Dunn)


Cris Benton photographs the vibrant-colored salt ponds of South San Fransicsco Bay from the sky. (Photo by Cris Benton)


George Lawrence took the panorama, "San Francisco in Ruins," with a train of kites and a 49-pound camera shortly after the devastating earthquake of 1906. (Photo by George Lawrence, courtesy of the Library of Congress)

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What do you get when you add a digital camera to kite flying? Kite aerial photos, the most affordable way to take in-air pictures, without ever leaving the ground.