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Seniors learn to loosen up through improv

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Ruth Schwartz, 65, introduces herself to the crowd. (Photo by Nicole Ireland/CNS)


Helena Kolar, who will admit only to being old enough to get social security, offers up a song in the group's "Audition" sketch. (Photo by Nicole Ireland/CNS)


Shatzi Weisberger, 77, drives a bus in a skit featuring an obnoxious cell phone user who infuriates her fellow passengers. (Photo by Nicole Ireland/CNS)


David Ganz, 68, begins his "elderly pole dance" for the "Audition" sketch. (Photo by Nicole Ireland/CNS)


The cast members finish off the show with a "People's Machine" made up of their random actions and sounds. (Photo by Nicole Ireland/CNS)

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As learning improv becomes a popular pastime for nonactors, classes have also sprouted up for seniors, encouraging them to loosen up, have some fun and build new social networks in their latter years.