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Surgery on demand: Doctors and patients get real on camera

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On location at a hospital webcast, the technical director and producer for view camera images. (Courtesy of OR-Live)

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Dr. Robert Sheu and Suzanne Lamoureux discuss her surgery with moderator Dr. Lara Dhingra of Beth Israel Medical Center. (Courtesy of OR-Live)

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A projection of Suzanne Lamoureux's spine at Beth Israel Medical Center as Dr. Robert Sheu places the neurostimulation lead. (Courtesy of OR-Live)


Dr. Grace Keenan of Nova Medical Group in Ashburn, Va. shooting an iHealth video. (Courtesy of Medem Inc.)


Dr. Thomas Sculco, chief of surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, filming a video on hip replacement surgery for Dramatic Health. (Courtesy of Dramatic Health)

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From a live heart transplant online to a patient narrating his “excellent colonoscopy,” there's now internet video available for practically every medical procedure.