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Raising Hell in the Sun: Goths Go on Cruises

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More than half of those who have gone on the GothCruise heard about it through CorpGoth, an online community of "corporate" goths. (Courtesy of Serge Alexandrov)

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"People would initiate conversations with us, and they realize we're generally well-spoken, mild-mannered people," said Angel Weller, GothCruise's founder. "And then they say, 'Oh wait a minute, these guys just dress funny.'" (Courtesy of Megan Green)


GothCruisers say they do it for the same reasons many people go on cruises: to relax with friends and party at a location where they don't have to drive home. (Courtesy of Serge Alexandrov)


Although dubbed "GothCruise," these annual trips usually only include one goth event-- a dance party. (Courtesy of Serge Alexandrov)

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GothCruise participants elicit mostly curiosity and compliments from other passengers. (Courtesy of Serge Alexandrov)

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Members of a subculture known more for doom and gloom and pale faces challenge stereotypes (and have a great time) on an annual tropical outing called GothCruise.