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Rare Dogs Gain Acceptance, but Some Breeders Growl

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Beauceron puppies. (Courtesy of Susan Bass)


Susan Bass breeds Beaucerons in Independence, MO. For a small but devoted number of owners, breeders and enthusiasts, the only dogs that count are, like a fine Bordeaux, imported and rare. (Courtesy of Susan Bass)


Porter, a Dutch-born Stabyhoun, at his new home in Connecticut. (Courtesy of Rebecca Sherman)


David Barber imported his Bouvier, Voltaire, from France to his home in Westchester. (Courtesy of David Barber)

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America is a land of immigrants. That goes for its dogs as well. The American Kennel Club helps many new or rare breeds gain acceptance. But in the cloistered world of rare-dog breeding, not everyone welcomes the assistance.