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Designer-Purse Rentals Let Women Bag a Deal


Want to carry a classic Chanel bag or the latest Louis Vuitton? If your closet is stuffed to the max or you’re not ready to make an investment in a couture handbag, try borrowing one. Designer-handbag-rental sites make it easy to dress to impress without the commitment of buying--or maxing out the credit cards.

Pairing Up: Couples Now Seek Friends Online


Singles get to have all the fun:, eHarmony,, 30-second speed dating. Now a new crop of sites is emerging--matchmakers for couples looking for the perfect couple to befriend. No singles or swingers allowed!

Inside the Box: Artists Find Inspiration in Dioramas

Boca Grande2.JPG

Whether they’re detailed habitats on display in a natural-history museum or the shoe-box creations of elementary-school students, dioramas have sparked the imaginations of many artists, as well as a debate: Just what constitutes a diorama?

Rare Dogs Gain Acceptance, but Some Breeders Growl


America is a land of immigrants. That goes for its dogs as well. The American Kennel Club helps many new or rare breeds gain acceptance. But in the cloistered world of rare-dog breeding, not everyone welcomes the assistance.

Raising Hell in the Sun: Goths Go on Cruises

pink scuba.jpg

Members of a subculture known more for doom and gloom and pale faces challenge stereotypes (and have a great time) on an annual tropical outing called GothCruise.

Family Restrooms Overcome Stalls

family restroom sign.jpg

Family restrooms, places where parents or caretakers can accompany members of the opposite sex who need help in the bathroom, have started appearing in more public buildings. Most states now require family restrooms in any new facilities, especially stadiums and parks. Will these restrooms one day lead to the elimination of gender-specific bathrooms?

Motion Pictures: Coming to a Gallery Near You


Video painting, a rapidly emerging genre of art that uses moving images, is being driven by the emergence of flat-screen and high-definition TVs. But is it so different from traditional painting on a canvas?

The Disappearing Hyphen: Surnames Are Getting Simpler


Hyphenating a surname at marriage is no longer the powerful feminist statement it once was. And with the rise of trendier, less conventional name options, the hyphen’s moment has passed.

Got enough Tupperware? Try jeans parties.


Like Tupperware parties with a twist, designer-jeans parties offer a fun ladies’ night of bargain shopping. But some say the increasingly popular parties are hot spots for counterfeits.