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Does That Bagel Have Sentimental Value? Get It Bronzed!

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Athletic Supporter 004THISONE.jpg

A bronzed and mounted jockstrap becomes a sales award for an employee of a sports equipment company. (Courtesy of the Bronzery )

Lobster TailTHISONE.jpg

This bronzed lobster tail commemorates the dinner over which its owner, who could not be reached for comment, became engaged to her boyfriend. (Courtesy of the Bronzery)

Military Boots on Custom PlaqueE.jpg

Military boots are some of the most popular items that people send in to have bronzed. (Courtesy of the Bronzery)

Karate Belt AwardE.jpg

The students of USA Karate in Shoreline, Wash. had this karate belt, or obi, bronzed and mounted before presenting it to the founder and sensei of the school as a token of gratitude. (Courtesy of the Bronzery)

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A lobster tail, a jockstrap and 30 rubber ducks--all are examples of peculiar items that people have had bronzed. Many unexpected items, as well as the ever-popular baby shoe, go into the bronzing vat and emerge as mementos and corporate awards.