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Get a B.A. in Toy Design (Batteries Not Included)


Two colleges, the Fashion Institute of Technology and Otis College of Art and Design, offer toy design as a major. Will students in these programs get a leg up in the toy industry since all those toys from China were recalled? Will more schools add toy design to their curriculum?

What Was That? Researchers Explore Below-the-Radar Racism


Now that blatant displays of racism are condemned and even outlawed, some psychologists are exploring the more subtle expressions of prejudice they call microaggression. Researchers say the daily repetition of such incidents can have corrosive, and sometimes deadly, consequences.

Theme Parties: The New Fountain of Youth


You’re only as old as you feel. Young adults may pay their bills and hold down jobs, but many of them party like the children they’d still like to be.

Life Is Still A Cabaret For Erv Raible


For 30 years Erv Raible has devoted his life to discovering and grooming the finest nightclub entertainers. Now he’s the artistic director of the annual Cabaret Conference at Yale, and his passion has reached a new stage.

Spinning an Eco-Friendly Yarn: Knitting Goes Green


Yarn manufacturing is toxic and can be highly destructive to the environment. A number of companies have responded with all-natural, eco-friendly yarns. Will knitting mavens be willing to sacrifice beloved shades and textures in order to save the planet?

Teen Photographers Keep Darkrooms In Focus


Is film photography a dying art? Not according to some students in photography programs at public high schools. Even in the age of the digital camera, the magical quality of film photography continues to enchant teenagers today.

Dining Through the Seasons


Some restaurants are taking seasonal dining to a new level, changing the interior design, flower arrangements and menu to create an overall experience that matches the season.

Does That Bagel Have Sentimental Value? Get It Bronzed!

Athletic Supporter 004THISONE.jpg

A lobster tail, a jockstrap and 30 rubber ducks--all are examples of peculiar items that people have had bronzed. Many unexpected items, as well as the ever-popular baby shoe, go into the bronzing vat and emerge as mementos and corporate awards.

Welcome! Bienvenido! As the Dollar Drops, Malls Cater to Foreigners


With shopping-mad foreign tourists arriving in droves to take advantage of the weak U.S. dollar this holiday season, malls and retail outlets are working overtime and introducing new policies to meet their needs.

Talking Heads: Teens Chat via Video


Video chatting is now as easy as making a phone call. And for some teens, it’s the preferred way to communicate. Beware--your children’s friends may be watching you.

Is it Art or Just a Urinal?

pink n green orchid 3.jpg

San Francisco Artist Clark Sorensen creates fully functioning flower-shaped urinals. His "Nature Calls" series is a line of one-of-a-kind, hand-made, porcelain fixtures that can actually be plumbed and used in a bathroom.