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Collective Couture: Young Designers Join Forces

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A designer at work at the Dressing Room on New York City's Lower East Side. (Dina Mann/CNS)


The Dressing Room has a bar, vintage clothing shop and designer co-op, featured here, all in one space. (Dina Mann/CNS)


Samantha Sleeper, 20, at work on a pair of pants in the Dressing Room. She is a member of The Dressing Room co-op, a design student at Parsons School of Design and, starting this holiday season, a member of the Love Brigade Co Op, as well. (Dina Mann/CNS)


Hillary Flowers adjusting merchandise in SoHo's the Changing Room. (Dina Mann/CNS)


Alyssa Key in the Love Brigade Co Op. (Dina Mann/CNS)


A view of the gritty streets of Williamsburg from inside the Love Brigade Co Op. (Dina Mann/CNS)

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Cutting-edge fashions aren’t the only thing being created by independent designers in New York. These designers are teaming up in cooperatives and working together toward one goal: launching their careers.