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A Stitch in Time Saves...the World

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Cathy Kasdan sewing a blue plastic ensemble in Cleveland, Ohio. ((David Kasdan/Courtesy of Cathy Kasdan))

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Kristin Leigh Jordan, 34, models a plastic purse in her New York City apartment. ((Dina Mann/CNS))

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Daisy, the namesake of Daisy's Bags, walks around her New York City apartment. ((Dina Mann/CNS))

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Red, white and blue 1950s attire by Cathy Kasdan. ((Courtesy of Cathy Kasdan))


Plastic Bride: A model readies to walk the runway at a Haute Trash fashion event. (Courtesy of Shaun Muscolo)

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One person’s garbage is another’s creative inspiration. Artists and artisans are using old methods with a new material--the plastic grocery bag.