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Point, shoot and sell: Citizen paparazzi take to the streets

As long as you have quick reflexes and a digital camera, you, too, can be a paparazzo -- and maybe even earn big bucks for doing it.

Credit-card roulette: You win a free meal, or get to pay the whole check


How to play: Go to any restaurant with friends, put your credit cards into a hat, eat the meal, dip into the hat--and see who dines for free and who pays for the whole check.

An apple a day, yes, but all day long?

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then imagine how healthy you'd be if you ate nothing but apples and other fruits, say "frugivores"--a small but growing group of vegetarians who do just that.

"War games" used to treat traumatized veterans

Some Iraq-War veterans are revisiting the combat zone with the help of a virtual-reality simulator; it's part of a study to help researchers understand how post-traumatic stress disorder develops.

As infections become resistant to antibiotics, researchers look to natural-born killers to fight diseases

The answer to antibiotic resistant bacteria may lie in a stealth killer, courtesy of Mother Nature--bacteriophage.

Vroom vroom: young ladies on the fast track

Young women are getting into race car driving like never before

Chinese herbs catch on big in U.S.

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The importation of raw medicinal herbs to the U.S. from China has nearly doubled in the last five years, and Western doctors are taking note.

Binge eating disorder now affects more people than anorexia and bulimia

The binge eating disorder, also known as overeating, affects more people than anorexia and bulimia combined.

10,000 birdwatchers monitor sick house finches to give scientists insight into avian flu and West Nile virus

sick female house finch.JPG

More than 10,000 volunteer birdwatchers, dubbed “citizen-scientists,” are helping researchers to monitor a novel pathogen that causes eye infections in the common house finch. The data they are generating may also eventually provide insights into more serious diseases such as avian influenza and West Nile virus.

Solving that gaseous problem no one wants to talk about

Castellano-Flat photo.jpg

An estimated 58 million Americans suffer from one or more medical disorders that cause excessive gas. To treat it, doctors usually recommend medication or a change in diet. But, thanks to inventor Brian Conant, there's an alternative way to limit the embarassment: an odor-absorbing charcoal pad.

More than just coffee: Some cafes are lacing their brews with fair trade politics


Coffee cafes are spearheading the fair trade movement to improve working conditions for coffee harvesters in developing countries.

Huge jump in number of Latinas seeking cosmetic surgery--but why?

Of the more than 10 million cosmetic procedures last year in the United States, Latinas accounted for more than 920,000, the most of any ethnic minority. Are they trying to become more beautiful, or just erase their Hispanic heritage?

Let's hear it for the shortnose sturgeon: A primitive fish makes a comeback

More than a century ago, the shortnose sturgeon was fished into near extinction by fishermen who sought it for caviar and meat. But the future of this ancient fish now appears to be looking up -- so much so that it may become the first fish ever to lose its Endangered Species status for the right reason.

Video games: not just for kids anymore

Video games, commonly thought of as a teenager's pastime, have gained growing popularity as the baby boomer generation moves into retirement. More and more seniors are turning to games to keep their memories and mental skills sharp.

So-called "senior moments" may actually be ADD

A growing number of retirees are being diagnosed with a problem that has more often been thought of in conjunction with children: attention deficit disorder

Real Estate double agents represent buyer and seller

Real estate dual agents can face conflicting loyalties and ethical dilemmas. Experts say there are steps buyers and sellers can take to protect themselves.

Latina teenagers have nation's highest rate of suicide attempts

Latina teenagers in the United States are attempting suicide more than any other group. But many of these teens, both immigrant and American-born, do not want to die. They actually succeed at committing suicide the least of any group.

Go-getters scramble for jobs in dwindling magazine market


College graduates trying to land jobs at magazines face a daunting task. As most major publications face dwindling subscriptions, the number of magazine jobs continues to shrink.