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The latest in wedding rites: bridal showers for men

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A monogrammed beer mug is the perfect gift for a groom shower. (Courtesy of The Knot)


A monogrammed silver flask is the perfect gift for a groom shower, where men get presents they don't have to share with their wives-to-be. (Courtesy of The Knot)


"Groom's Cakes" are becoming more common at rehearsal dinners, weddings and groom showers. This one, with green fondant, pays homage to the University of Minnesota golf team, the Gophers. ****Please note small file size: 1500 pixels by 1125 pixels.**** (Courtesy of Twin City Bridal Association, Trend Wedding 2006)


Engraved silver cuff links make excellent groom shower gifts. ****Please note small file size: 1900 pixels by 1782 pixels.**** (Courtesy of The Knot )

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Wedding events are no longer just about the bride. At groom showers, men get gifts, advice and quality time with friends and family.