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Masks, capes and spandex: Real-life superheroes save the world!

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Citizen Prime, formally known as Paragon Prime, patrols the highways and avenues of Phoenix. His costume is made from Kevlar and spandex. (Courtesy of Citizen Prime)


Squeegeeman protects the citizens of New York City. He also does many charity events with Captain Xavier Obvious, a fellow real-life superhero. (Courtesy of Squeegeeman)


Tothian, a marine reservist and martial arts expert, patrols the dimly lit alleyways of New York and New Jersey. (Courtesy of Tothian)


Chris Guardian, formally known as Dark Guardian, patrols the sidewalks and alleyways of New York City. (Courtesy of Chris Guardian)

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It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's people who call themselves real-life superheroes. They dress up, fight for justice and keep their identities secret.