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Hats on for the races

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Women wear colorful hats like these, on display at The Hat Shop in SoHo, to Triple Crown races and to Saratoga, in upstate New York. (Elizabeth McGarr)


Linda Pagan, who owns The Hat Shop in SoHo, designed this hat for a woman attending the 2007 Kentucky Derby. (Elizabeth McGarr)


Ashanti with Anne Sawyer, who designed the singer's hat, at the 2006 Kentucky Derby. (Trevor Booker)


Christine Moore, who owns Christine A. Moore Millinery in New York City, models one of the hats she designed. (Elizabeth McGarr)


Crystal Little, who works at Christine A. Moore Millinery, measures fabric she will use to trim a hat. (Elizabeth McGarr)

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The pageantry of the Kentucky Derby is mainly about what's on a lady's head--especially with the queen coming to town.