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Turn your world upside down: Have a ball in a Zorb!

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Zorb is a popular oddball sport in New Zealand that will debut in the United States this summer. ***Please note small file size: 2100 pixels by 1750 pixels (Chris McLennan/courtesy of Zorb Limited)


Once harnessed inside a zorb, a person rolls down a steep hill at speeds of 31 miles an hour. (Chris McLennan/courtesy of Zorb Limited)


A zorb, which looks much like a giant soap bubble, weighs 200 pounds and spans 10. 5 feet in diameter. (Chris McLennan/courtesy of Zorb Limited)


Zorb participants can opt for "hydrozorbing," which involves adding a bucket of water into the mix and sloshing around in the giant ball as it revolves. ***Please note small file size: 1200 pixels by 798 pixels (Chris McLennan/courtesy of Zorb Limited)


The zorb is the brainchild of New Zealand brothers David and Andrew Akers, and Dwayne van der Sluis, who had their first zorb test run in New Zealand over 10 years ago. (Chris McLennan/courtesy of Zorb Limited)

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If you have ever wished you could walk on water or effortlessly cartwheel down a mountain range, the Zorb will fulfill your dreams. This latest extreme sport, which already has a cult following in New Zealand, will arrive in the United States this summer.