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Every trick in the book for wealthy collectors

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columbia library artistbooks_bell hooks2.JPG

"when i remember i see red" is a recent addition to the Columbia University rare books library. A poem by bell hooks is illustrated by 10 paintings and mixed media. (Julia Gronnevet/CNS)

columbia library artistbooks_corrugations2.JPG

"Corrugations: some speculations on Australian tin" is an artists' book with poems by Anne Bell and linocuts by Katie Clemson. The book is limited to 35 copies, of which only 30 are for sale. (Julia Gronnevet/CNS)

columbia library artistbooks_disasters of love6.JPG

Michael Kuch's book "Disasters of Love: a defense of Delilah" is a heavy, large book made up of a poem, intaglios and lithographs. (Julia Gronnevet/CNS)

columbia library artistbooks_ho chi minh5.JPG

C. David Thomas's book about Ho Chi Minh is a fictional biography based on real events. The author conceived of the book after he became aware of how little information about Ho was available in the United States. The book is limited to one hundred copies with 10 artist's proofs. The book is stored in a Vietnamese-made lacquer box. (Julia Gronnevet/CNS)

columbia library artistbooks_ho chi minh7.JPG

Deckle edge of C. David Thomas's "An Artist's portrait of Ho Chi Minh," an artists' book recently added to the Columbia University Library's rare books collection. The book's pages are handmade in Vietnam of mulberry paper, which has unusually long strands of fiber. The paper's uneven edge, also known as deckle edges, are a by-product of manual paper production. When all books were made of handmade paper, the edges would be trimmed and gilded, to keep dust off the book. (Untrimmed deckle edges collect dust very badly.) (Julia Gronnevet/CNS)

columbia library artistbooks_neo emblemata nova2.JPG

Daniel E. Kelm and Michael Maier's book "Neo emblemata nova" consists of reproductions and engravings mounted on square boards and joined with hinges. The book is in the shape of a mobius strip, which is mathematically a flat object. The book includes a recipe for how to fold it up into a square after the reader has finished looking at it. (Julia Gronnevet/CNS)

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A look inside the small, happy world of artists' books: one-of-a-kind, handmade books that combine original poetry and visual art.