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Political odds: Election pundits put money on their favorite candidates

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More political traders than ever are buying and selling presidential primary contracts at online prediction markets like John Delaney, the company's CEO, expects 2008 to be Intrade's biggest year yet. (Andrew Goldberg/CNS)


Political traders unwilling to bet real money on election outcomes can compete for bragging rights at play-money prediction markets like The Washington Stock Exchange. (Andrew Goldberg/CNS)


David Perry, the founder of The Washington Stock Exchange, believes that presidential candidates will soon start spinning their stock prices along with their poll numbers. (Andrew Goldberg/CNS)


The Financial Times worked with Intrade to develop an online prediction market where traders can buy and sell political stocks. (Andrew Goldberg/CNS)

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Political junkies are turning from the polls to their new political portfolios to predict the nominees for president.