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'Enviropreneurs' align business with conservation

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Enviropreneur Camp fellows hike around Trout Lake in Yellowstone National Park to hear a lecture about endangered species and grazing permits by Hank Fischer of the National Wildlife Federation. (Courtesy of Carol Ferrie)


Howard Sprouse, co-founder of The Remediators, Inc., takes samples from a home heating oil spill project. ***Please note small file size: 1280 x 960 pixels*** (Courtesy of The Remediators, Inc)


Co-founders of The Remediators, Inc. pictured from right to left: Sam Nugent, Dr. Thom O'Dell, and Howard Sprouse. The Remediators, Inc. use fungi to clean up contaminated soil. ***Please note small file size: 900 x 600 pixels*** (Courtesy of The Remediators, Inc)

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Environmental entrepreneurs, known as 'enviropreneurs,' are finding ways to create profitable business ventures that also provide benefits to the Earth.