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Want to travel and see the world? Try farming

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With the growth of the organic food movement, many tourists are choosing to spend their vacations working on sustainable farms and harvesting seasonal fruits. (Courtesy of Jake Matilsky)

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A volunteer in New York helps out on a small farm in exchange for room and board. (Courtesy of Jake Matilsky)


Leaving cities to travel to remote corners of the world, tourists who exchange their labor for room and board help in a variety of chores including milking cows. (Donald Partridge/courtesy of Thorndale Farms)

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Willing Workers of Organic Farms allows tourists to see countries by exchanging room and board for four to six hours of farmwork. (Courtesy of Jake Matilsky)


Young tourists are traveling across the world as itinerent farmers who help husk corn, sheer sheep and milk cows. (Courtesy of Jake Matilsky)

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Low-budget world travelers can now pay for room and board in remote areas by working on farms.