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Not a parent? Playdates and podcasts for childless couples

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Childless by choice, Edie Sellers enjoys a moment clowning around with her best friend's youngest son, Ian, during a visit to Idaho. (Courtesy of Kevin Sellers)


After many of his friends and his first wife left to have children of their own, Jerry Steinberg founded No Kidding, an international social group for childless adults. (Courtesy of R. Lighthall)


Edie and Kevin Sellers say being child free allows them greater freedom to travel together to places like Tulum, Mexico. (Coutesy of Kevin Sellers)


Jerry Steinberg, the founding non-father of No Kidding, a social group for childless adults, says the club boasts about 10,000 members in six countries. (Courtesy of R. Lighthall)

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As friends disappear into diaperland, a growing number of childless couples find companionship in child-free social groups.